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Kabaret Kalashnikov

High-class artistry, live music and comedy ~ performed by a cast of international variety and street performers ~ merge into a turbulent show that breaks all genre boundaries.
One night in the small town of Hoodlivnitz, somewhere far, far in the East of here. This is the town where they dance tango and polka, where they fight and make love, where the night lasts as long as there is vodka.
And vodka there is!

Great show, great artists and a super collaboration. There was more laughter and amazement than there has been in a long time.

Marcus Speckin / Elblandfestspiele Wittenberge

Kabaret Kalashnikov offered a great show of artistry, ravishing choreography, slapstick - and the whole thing pretty crazy. The actors were a blast of the best entertainment.

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

Wonderfully wild and full of humour, Kabaret Kalashnikov ensnares its audience.


The performance of the artistic troupe "Kabaret Kalashnikov" is an extreme mixture of impressive artistry, freak show and dry humour.

Cellesche Zeitung

Weird, shrill, like a really good party: the best-attended event in Celle in 2021 ended with a standing ovation.

Andreas Heinecke / Spectacle et Cirque

Kabaret Kalashnikov - a highlight in Oldenburg's 2022 event programme! Great show with wonderful artistic performances.

Uwe Schwettmann / Culture North Oldenburg


30.07. - 01.08.2024, Black & White Theatre Festival, Imatra Finland + -

After having played on that beautiful festival with our „Wedding Show“ in 2019, we will be back to Imatras Black & White Theatre Festival and can’t wait to present our actual show to that fantsatic crowd.

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25.08.2024, ``International Street Theatre`` Mosbach + -

We are super excited to be part of the „International Street Theatre“ in Mosbach, Germany on the 25th of August. Get ready for the openair version of Taverna Stories -it will be a blast and we can’t wait for this adventure. Join us and see you there!

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27.09.2024, Bunter Bahnhof Cottbus + -

On the 27th of September we will play the first time our „Taverna Stories“ @ Bunter Bahnhof.in Cottbus and have a great aftershow party with our djs – be there!

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29.09.2024, Sauerlandtheater Arnsberg + -

Yes, on the 29th of September 18h we will be back to Arnsberg with the new version of our „Taverna Stories“ .

More infos soon!

10.10.2024, Stadthalle Hockenheim + -

We are looking forward to our first appearance in Hockenheim -join us for a wild night at the Taverna in the Stadthalle!

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12.10.2024, Neue Kammerspiele Kleinmachnow + -

After a great success in November 2022 Kabaret Kalashnikov returns to „Neue Kammerspiele“ and we will present the latest version of our „Taverna Stories“.

So join us in Kleinmachnow on saturday, October 12th 2024 at 19.30 h in Kleinmachnow again and/or tell your friends. Looking forward to see you there.

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18.10.2024, Stadthalle Troisdorf + -

After presenting the short version of our show during the ‚Via Theatro‘ festival in 2022 we will be back to present the full version of our „Taverna Stories“ in Stadthalle Troisdorf on friday October 18th 2024 at 20.00 h. Don’t be a fool to miss out on this one

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30.10.2024, Waggonhalle Marburg + -
31.10.2024, Waggonhalle Marburg + -
01.11.2024, Stadthalle ``stern`` Riesa + -

November 1st we will be for the first time showing our „Taverna Stories“ in Stadthalle ’stern‘ in Riesa. Doors open at 18.30h and show starts at 19.30h.

So join us, lean back and enjoy the Kabaret Kalashnikov!

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02.11.2024, Kulturhaus Freital + -

November 2nd we will be for the first time showing our „Taverna Stories“ in Kulturhaus Freital. So join us, lean back and enjoy the Kabaret Kalashnikov!

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03.11.2024, ufa Fabrik Berlin + -

November 3rd we will be back in Berlin and playing for the first time in the beautiful Theatersaal in ufa Fabrik. It will be the last show of our AutumnTour 2024.

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indoor & open air ``Taverna Stories`` 2023 + -

We had a fantastic year with shows in beautiful venues and festivals like „Friedrichsbau Varieté“ Stuttgart, „Wasserspiele Templin“, „Welttheater der Strasse“ Schwerte, „ufaFabrik“ Berlin, „Comedy Arts Festival“ Moers and many more…

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„Taverna Stories“

The setting is – where else – the Taverna of Hoodlivnitz, where we meet all kinds of characters in the course of the evening: Nobody wants to know how the innkeeper distils his vodka, and no one would dare to ask him! He’s assisted by his daughter, his pride and joy. One day she will take over the bar – at least that is his plan… The eccentric mayor is of course a regular at the taverna, because where else could he present himself? Especially today, when there is supposed to be a spectacular surprise! It could be a really round evening, if it wasn’t for the appearance of the commissioner.

“Taverna Stories” is told with exhilarating artistry and absurd comedy: An energetic show driven by infectious Balkan beats, vodka and the ensemble’s passion for variety! A fantastic mixture, a wild spectacle that will not leave any eye or throat dry!

This full-length show is designed for both indoor and open-air events and combines the best of variety and street theatre with little technical requirements. A shorter version can also be performed without an intermission. The ensemble consists of six performers who master a wide range of disciplines: Contortion, hula hoop, handstand, partner juggling, diabolo and Chinese pole. All these ingredients are then garnished with live music and freak show elements.

„Wedding Show“

The setting of this story is an abandoned place on the outskirts of Hoodlivnitz. Here Mother lives in a caravan with her three daughters, plagued by great worries: Her husband long gone, the youngest daughter madly in love but the eldest not yet married, the neighbours looking down on her, and then there’s the threat of eviction! How can she possibly find a way out of this mess?

This full-length show with intermission is designed for the larger stages and halls. The ensemble consists of nine performers who tell the story with numerous artistic disciplines such as cyr wheel, aerial artistry, contortion, hula hoop, handstand and partner acrobatics, partner/ juggling with balls and clubs and diabolo. Of course, this show will also be performed in Kabaret Kalashnikov’s typical style: Quick tempo unique comedy and finest artistry! Ideally, its accompanied live by their own three-piece band (trumpet, guitar/bass, drums). Hanging points for aerial acts are required.

„Magnificently staged and illustrated with a story about love, heartbreak, money and … of course a good old punch up…“
Sheila Wolf



how it all began

Kabaret Kalashnikov was founded in 2010 and has developed nine shows so far. The first shows made initially just for fun, were only performed on one weekend in Berlin, but since those days the story, dramaturgy and acting have become more and more refined. The idea and concept of each individual show are developed by the ensemble and are now brought to stage maturity with professional direction.

Recent shows premiered in Berlin go on tour. One of the highlights in 2019 was a guest performance at the 16th ''Black and White Theatre Festival'' in Imatra, Finland, another was the big New Year's Eve event 2019/20 at the Kleist Forum in Frankfurt/Oder with a concert from the band afterwards, and a Balkan set from our DJ.

Kabaret Kalashnikov received two NEUSTART KULTUR grants (residency funding from the Fonds Darstellende Künste and Live Kultur from the DTHG), and was in the 2022 summer programme funding from the Kultursekretariat NRW. In January 2023, ''Taverna Stories'' are invited as a Special Performance to the International Kulturbörse Freiburg - trade fair for stage productions, music and events.

Poster Artwork by Ernesto Lucas

Our Name

„Kabaret Kalashnikov“

Over ten years ago we had the idea of doing a wild vodka variety show and called it ''Kabaret Kalashnikov''. A catchy title that conveyed everything we envisioned: an energetic show set somewhere far, far east. A format where crazy characters collide with each other and the action moves forward blow by blow without giving the audience time to breath.

We are and always have been an international company with a wide range of people from East and West, near and far. We are united by the desire to put on a great show and our passion for variety.


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